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Government says it is committed to transforming the country into a healthy and productive nation through various interventions without leaving anyone behind. North-Western Provincial AIDS Task Force vice chairperson, Dickson Mtonga says government has prioritized health education and school health promotions among the key programmes to address challenges faced by adolescents and young people both in school and out of school.

Mr Mtonga said according to the Zambia demographic health survey, adolescents between 15 to 19 years continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV. Mr Mtonga, therefore, appealed to all stakeholders to embrace a multi-sectoral approach to scale up programmes dealing with social behavior change communications targeting the young people. Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary for Training in the Ministry of Health Professor Elywn Chomba says the construction of health specialist training hubs in all provinces will enhance the provision of health care services in the country.

Professor Chomba says government remains resolute to ensuring that it deploys trained health personnel to various health facilities.

She observed that a trained health profession is cardinal for the acceleration of health care provision. She also called on the provincial office to support the construction of the training hubs in order to enhance skills among health personnel. And Zambia Colleges of Medicine and Surgery. Head of Education and Examinations Professor Bellington Vwalika has maintained that once completed, the hubs will help strengthen capacity among health facilities in the country.

Professor Vwalika said the health hubs will also provide specialist training for health workers citing that there is a shortage of personnel in healthy facilities. Meanwhile, Provincial Acting Permanent Secretary Sineva Kambenja said the introduction of health specialist training hubs will help bridge the gap that is in the health profession.

Kambenja also added that health hubs will intensify the delivery and provision of quality health care services. The small girls in lusaka like to do it very much.

They have no fear and do not care to use protection. Whoever planted HIV among Africans planted it on the right spot! Trouble is Zambian statistics are under-reported! Now that donor funds have been withdrawn, they will soon say the HIV rates have gone up! Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Lusaka Times. Monday, October 12, About Us. Updated: October 27, By Chief Editor. October 27, Previous article Seed Control Institute cautions Framers against fake seeds.

Next article Three Church Mother bodies condemn Zambia Police for taking their brutality to defenseless Church gatherings. Now Lusaka is like a sugar daddy heaven.

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Just stating the obvious. Latest News.This came to light when officials from the Provincial Administration and a delegation from Tanzania conducted a joint inspection of the existing infrastructure at Zombe-Kasesya Border over the weekend.

And speaking during the exchange meeting, Mr. Kambenja said the Zambian government is keen towards establishing the One Stop Border Post at Zombe border in Mbala district in order to boost trade between Zambia and Tanzania respectively.

And speaking at the same meeting, Tanzanian delegation leader Robert Mtengule said his team is satisfied with the constructive dialogue it held with Zambian authorities regarding the establishment of the One Stop Border facility at Zombe-Kasesya border post. He observed that preliminary findings show that both Tanzania and Zambia will greatly benefit from the trade opportunities once the One Stop Border facility is actualized. Meanwhile, Mbala District Commissioner DCKedrick Sikombe, who was part of bilateral meeting, informed the Tanzanian delegation that the Zambian government is in the process of tarring the Zombe road and connecting electricity to Zombe border to enhance trade between the two neighboring countries.

The Zombe-Kasesya border post is fast becoming a viable route for traders from both Tanzania and Zambia because of the increased trade volumes between the two countries. You are struggling to Maintain Nakonde Border while TZ has tremendously improved infrastructure on their side …it is a Stark contrast when u are in Nakonde and it clearly shows you which government is more serious. I suspect based on the evidence of Nakonde that TZ officials will doubt Zambia comittment to the new Border.

I hail from there and I am constantly in that area so I find your statement filled with absolute ignorance …. Any serious structure costs money and the opposition only condemns everything. We need a balanced view on all these infrastrure development. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password.

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Get help. Lusaka Times.

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Monday, October 12, About Us. Updated: January 22, Talks between Tanzania and Zambia to establish one stop boarder post at Zombe commence. By Chief Editor. January 22, Economy Talks between Tanzania and Zambia to establish one stop boarder post at Next article Teachers advised to help curb misinformation. When were you last in Nakonde?

Go and see what PF has done. Where exactly is Zombe? Great deal it will benefit the masses one concluded. Once concluded.When we heard this appeal, the Honorable Mr. Justice D. Chirwa was part of the Court. He has since retired. This is therefore, the majority Judgment. The Appellant appealed against the conviction by the Subordinate Court of the First Class for the Ndola District, on the charge of defilement of a girl under the age of 16 years, contrary to Section 1 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

As the offence carried a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years imprisonment with hard labour, the Subordinate Court had no jurisdiction to sentence the Appellant. The particulars of the offence were that the Appellant, on the 12 th day of September, at Ndola, in the Ndola District of the Copperbelt Province of the Republic of Zambia, did have canal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16 years. She immediately proceeded home and later went to Pamodzi Police Post where she found her daughter, who was the victim PW5.

Mbalungisa Frolia who was PW1 in the proceedings. According to PW2, the victim was aged 4 years, and the Appellant was a neighbour and was well known to her. Mbalungisa Frolia PW1 testified that his findings after examining the victim were that the hymen was absent; the vagina hole was reddish, and the vulva was also reddish.

He also testified that the HIV test which he performed on the victim resulted negative. PW3 was Mary Chimbalanga who testified that on the material day around 18 hours, she was sweeping at her house until she received a report from her young brother Martin Kayombo PW4 to the effect that the victim, who was her younger sister, was being defiled at the garden.

She rushed there and found the victim naked and in the company of the Appellant who was half naked; without a shirt and in the process of putting on his shoes. She knew the Appellant very well and had known him for 1 year. PW4 was a juvenile witness aged 8 years who gave unsworn evidence after an unsuccessful voire dire test.

PW4 implicated the Appellant in his unsworn statement. He told the court that when he went to the toilet which was at the garden, he found the Appellant on top of the victim and they were both naked. The victim PW5 also gave unsworn evidence after an unsuccessful voire dire test, and implicated the Appellant. According to the victim, the Appellant was known to her as Tobias. He took her into the banana plantation at the garden and made her undress and lie down; and he inserted what she called a big insect in her private parts following which she felt severe pain.

She identified the Appellant in court. When found with a case to answer, and put on his defence, the Appellant elected to remain silent.

The learned trial Magistrate summarized the evidence on record and after analyzing it, found that the unsworn statements of PW4 and. She found him naked with the victim. The trial court further found that in the midist of all these allegations, the Appellant had opted to remain silent, which was an indication that what the witnesses told the court was truthful.

On that basis the Appellant was convicted as charged. Grounds 1 and 2 were argued together. It was also argued that the trial court should have treated their evidence with. Muzenga cited the case of Emmanuel Phiri -v- The People 2 where we held as follows:. Failure by the court to warn itself is a misdirection. Muzenga argued that the evidence of the victim ought to have been corroborated by that of PW3 and PW4.

However, these witnesses were her siblings. PW3 is the elder sister while PW4 is the elder brother. As such, their evidence ordinarily ought to have been treated with caution; which the trial court failed to do. It was also argued that evidence which of itself requires corroboration and evidence of something more, cannot corroborate other evidence which is lacking corroboration.

In Mr.President Edgar Lungu has appointed four Permanent Secretaries and transferred two with immediate effect. President Lungu has also made two appointments at High Commissioner Level with immediate effect. Meanwhile, the President has appointed Dr. A way of making up for deputy ministers. With this escalating and uncontrolled government expenditure, forget about interest rates ever coming down.

kambenja zambie

At the end of the day it is the ordinary Zambians who will perish! Advisors and technocrats, please advise EL.

Kambenja v People (Appeal No. 157/2009) [2014] ZMSC 51 (3 June 2014);

Parliament, we need to stop this! Should the president appoint permanent secretaries? I am sitting with someone who was a Permanent secretary in the late 70s and 80s. He says, and I agree, Perm secs were senior civil servants who got to the post via promotion not by political appointment.

If the president appoints them he is politicising the civil service. Apparently Chiluba who had too many cadres to appoint was the one who began the illegal habit of appointing senior civil servants.

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It should now be halted. This is why we need a focused opposition that should be challenging such illegal acts as this.

First you have to check whether there are vacancies being created in these positions. PS contracts are three years. When you serve your three years you either get retired or your contract extended. The danger comes in when a PS is dropped and not deployed before expiry of the term. Now he is handpicking tins from his sewer of cadres instead of leaving it to Cabinet Office. Rotten regime and its rotten antics will not make Zambia a better place for the rest of us.

The sooner this thug is kicked out the better.It is known for the palaces of the chiefs of the Lunda and Lovale people. Until about it was called Balovale after the dominant chief and his village within the town is still known by that name but the name was changed in an attempt to defuse tensions between the main groups and the government of the newly independent country.

The Chinyingi Suspension Bridge spans the river just to the north-west of the town. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Zambezi Town. This article is about the town of Zambezi in Zambia. The Zambezi River is covered in another article. For other uses of the word Zambezi, see Zambezi disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification.

kambenja zambie

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved April 5, Districts of North-Western Province - Zambia.

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Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Source: NOAA [1]. This Zambia location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.They kept me online for about another 20 minutes before I finally told them to click the box on their screen to cancel my service. After giving them the same information that I had given them in November, they finally cancelled the service after about another 10 minutes or so.

Because of the runaround they gave me and jerking me around, I would never recommend DirecTV to anyone nor will I ever get their service again. If they had just cancelled the service as requested I might have gotten their service again in the future. Stay away from DirecTV. It took me over 20 minutes on 3 occasions to get a customer representative. It wouldn't take as long to get a customer service rep If they didn't have to read a script.

A simple 2 minute call takes 20 minutes. Send the customer rep hung up on me. That's what you get for dealing with foreign countries to save a few cents. I'm ready to turn in my receivers.

Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful Tim of Scottsdale, AZ Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec.

It has not been 5 weeks since I ordered and every time I call someone from India comes on the line. It takes on average an hour to get through all the correspondence with them because of lack of English and understanding. The last time he just left and put in his log that I cancelled the order.

kambenja zambie

Helpful 4 people found this review helpful Stephanie of Spring, TX Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. I've had the runaround. Our bill was not due nor late. Our DIRECTV was disconnected. Finally after 3 hours I get someone to reconnect our DIRECTV. These two companies have continually price gouged us and I constantly have to fight over bill hikes.

I would highly discourage anyone from getting these services. Helpful 3 people found this review helpful BLANCA of Orlando, FL Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. Have called 5 times and every time representative says they will call back with a resolution. I just spoke to another representative who left me on hold. Customer service is the worst. Helpful 4 people found this review helpful Ken of Yorba Linda, CA Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec.

We do this 2-3 times per year, it is 30 minutes on the phone and sometimes no success.

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Today they passed me of to 3 different people. Each one made an attempt to switch my local channel service on one location to another. Someone in the process screwed up my account now they have to get engineering involved.

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I did give each representative my cell so they can communicate updates via text or call. I don't want them past the 90 days, so I called to cancel early and was told that I can't cancel early.

Talks between Tanzania and Zambia to establish one stop boarder post at Zombe commence

How does that work. Call the next day after I have been charged.Flow chart isOne of the tricky questions apart from multiple choice questions in IELTS listening are the matching heading type of questions. As it can be determined by the term itself, matching heading involves matching a list of questions to another listIELTS listening section 1 is perhaps the easiest part of IELTS listening exam.

The reason is that you have simple questions of form filling or short notes type. If you can get all the ten questions right in this section, it wouldDid you notice a spelling error in this article title. Yes, you are right. It should be written as IELTS Listening, not ILETS Listening. The reason why this spelling error is highlighted in the title is to draw your attention towards the wordSince Indian students are writing and speaking in English with Indian accent, with not much exposure to foreign accent, it can be the cause of some penalties they may face in IELTS listening module.

Let us know what these likelyIn the previous article, we discussed how to crack IELTS Listening Section 3. In this article, we will look at the next section in IELTS Listening test i. In this section, almost all the times, you find sentenceIELTS Listening module consists of 4 sections viz. Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4. Out of all these sections, Section 3 is the part where you listen to audio conversation of up to 4 people.

This is perhapsSection 2 is one of the easy parts in IELTS listening exam because in this section, you hear an audio which is a monologue where only one speaker is there to talk about every day social situation. IELTS Listening Section 2 generally consists ofSo,In this article, we are putting up model answers for the Recent Exam IELTS Speaking task 3 question.

The examiner will take your face to face interview. The examiner will lead you through the three parts of the test: An introduction A speak up where the candidate speaksIn this article we are going to focus on improving our speaking skills for IELTS Speaking Exam. We will analyse the speech of a trainer, the audio of which is attached in this article. The IELTS Speaking Exam has threeIn this article we are going to focus on improving our speaking skills for IELTS Speaking Exam. The IELTS Speaking Exam has threeLet us try to find out an IELTS speaking cue card topic that recently appeared in the exam.

Please say Where do you go. HowA book on Speaking.

Youths most at risk to contract HIV/AIDS-Mtonga

Not only because learning speaking through a book may be difficult but also because the material of a good speaking book can only be curated by a specialist in that field. TheRecent Exam Question- Speaking Prompt (16th June 2017) Exam Question:-Speaking prompt Describe a situation when a known person solved a problem sensibly. What was the problem and how he solved it. Do you thinkRecent exam questions for IELTS Speaking.

Speaking Cue Card Question Describe an important decision that you made in your life : You should say : What the decision was When did you took it What was the result of theRecent IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question- June 2017. She wanted to achieve good band score so that she could apply for immigration in her intended country,Student Background Shubha Kapoor (imaginary name) is a homemaker from the capital city, New Delhi.

She had been on leave from work for a while with the desire to apply for immigration to Canada. This IELTS case study is about thisStudent Background This inspiring IELTS case study is about Anand Kishore (imaginary name), software engineer from Indore with the desire to apply for immigration to Canada, who wanted to meet the cut off score in order to get himself registeredStudent Background Pooja Shetty (imaginary name) was a student studying in her final year of graduation who wanted to pursue her dream of higher education studies outside India.

She wanted to score 7. He had a dream of immigrating to Australia with his family for which he needed to meet the minimum criterion. He had appeared in IELTS examStudent Background Balachandran (imaginary name, not disclosed for privacy) is an experienced mechanical engineer from Andhra Pradesh. He badly needed to boost up his IELTS score from 5. He desperately needed 7 BandIELTS test stands for- International English Language Testing System. There are two versions of IELTS to choose from: IELTS Academic IELTS General Training EveryoneThere is no way you can assess your own Speaking task and Writing task.

IELTS is a tough exam and worrying about your Writing task and Speaking task, feeling insecure or looking for a way to estimate your score before takingWhy do you need an IELTS Diagnostic Test. IELTS is a reasonably challenging exam, knowing where you stand can do a world of difference to your preparation.