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Find out more about the ultimate urban crossover today. Nissan qashqai 13 dct Latest qashqai has sharper more grown up looks than the Showing posts with label nissan qashqai dashboard warning lights. Show all posts. Friday, November 22, Nissan Qashqai Dashboard Warning Light.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: nissan qashqai dashboard warning lightsnissan qashqai dashboard warning light. Nissan Qashqai Dashboard Lights. Labels: nissan qashqai dashboard warning lightsnissan qashqai dashboard lightsnissan qashqai dashboard lightsnissan qashqai dashboard lights meaningnissan qashqai dashboard lights stay onnissan qashqai dashboard warning lights.

Nissan Qashqai Dashboard Warning Lights. Labels: nissan qashqai dashboard warning lights.

nissan qashqai display not working

Nissan Qashqai Dashboard. Labels: dashboard lampjes nissan qashqainissan qashqai dashboard warning lightsnissan qashqai dashboardnissan qashqai dashboard displaynissan qashqai dashboard lightsnissan qashqai dashboard lights meaningnissan qashqai dashboard symbolsnissan qashqai dashboard symbols and meaningsnissan qashqai dashboard warning lightnissan qashqai dashboard warnings.

Labels: nissan qashqai dashboard warning lightsnissan qashqai dashboard warning lights. Older Posts. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.The Nissan Qashqai has been a huge success since its launch in It started the 'crossover' craze, offering families the ride height and looks of an SUV, together with the practicality and running costs of a small family hatch.

From launch, the Qashqai was available with either 1. In the Qashqai was revised, with fresh exterior styling, some interior tweaks and new colours. Ina 1. An automatic gearbox was an option for both petrol models and the higher-powered 2. It should be a reliable car, but prospective Qashqai buyers should be aware of a few issues reported with the car.

Need our help? Got a problem with your car? Our team is here to help you solve it. Just get in touch with us now at the What car? Here are our contact details E-mail: wchelpdesk whatcar. Nissan Qashqai front suspension problem Some Qashqais built between February and March have experienced problems with their front suspension.

The lower ball joints on these cars were not fully seated into the hub, meaning the ball joint could detach resulting in a loss of control. Nissan Qashqai steering problem Problems with the Qashqai's steering have been reported on models built between March and June It's possible that a needle bearing was omitted from the steering shaft, and the cover screw not tightened properly.

If loose, steering control would be greatly reduced. Nissan Qashqai engine stall problem Some Qashqai built between November and January had problems with their engines stalling. The air-conditioning compressor could seize, which might result in the engine dying.NissanConnect is a state-of-the-art integrated audio, navigation, and communication system that connects with your smartphone to enhance your driving experience, and help minimize distractions. Controlled through a large dash-mounted, centrally located screen, NissanConnect is available with streaming audio, navigation, a collection of popular smartphone apps, and lots more.

Hide all. New NissanConnect system with a seven-inch colour touchscreen includes features such Intelligent driver assistance and navigation functions to support the driver in all kinds of traffic situations, Smartphone App integration to enhance the overall driving experience, and an improved Digital Audio experience, including Digital Audio Broadcast DAB.

New NissanConnect system has full smartphone integration giving access to a range of projected upcoming music, social networking, entertainment and travel apps. NissanConnect is also Google-enabled featuring send-to-car allowing users to send a satnav route to the vehicle via their phone and up-to-the-minute information on fuel prices, hotels, restaurants and other points of interest.

NissanConnect also includes voice recognition, Bluetooth audio streaming and mobile phone integration as well as Aux-in and USB slots. It connects your smartphone to your vehicle, delivering apps, features, and services that you can personalize to your Nissan.

NissanConnect In-vehicle apps have been designed for vehicle drivers. The Apps will appear on your vehicle's touch screen display, making it easy and safe to operate. You'll now be able to safely enjoy your apps on the go, and in the vehicle. You will automatically receive an alert in your Smartphone in case an update is available.

The NissanConnect website allows you to subscribe and manage your Apps. It also presents the services Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Your vehicle comes with 2-year complementary subscription of NissanConnect services; owner consent to activate is required. Once complementary period has expired, you can extend your subscrition. However, Connections will be prioritized by the order in which the phones were paired to the vehicle.

Yes, NissanConnect Apps relies on your smartphone data plan to access the content and services that the In-vehicle Apps you use require.

Connect system complete failure!

Standard data rates will apply. Incoming Bluetooth calls override any audio source, including apps.

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The system will revert back to the app that was active when the incoming call was accepted. Yes, if your phone supports Bluetooth Streaming Audio, it may work on NissanConnect but the vehicle controls will be very limited.

Using NissanConnect App to stream your favorite audio apps will enable maximum use of features, viewing of information and album artwork. Instead, it transfers data using your phone's 3G data plan from your chosen mobile service provider.

Please call Nissan Customer Service for assistance. You're trying to activate a previously activated radio - e. Please call Nissan Customer Service to resolve this issue. NissanConnect App require a stable internet connection.

Fuses and relay Nissan Qashqai

You may be driving through an area where your mobile service provider does not have a strong data signal. If the signal is poor, you may intermittingly lose connectivity to the internet connection and some NissanConnect App will not work properly. Your vehicle is not detecting a paired phone. Please verify that Bluetooth is activated in both phone and vehicle, and that they are paired.To operate the trip computer, use the A switch.

When the ignition switch is in the ON position, modes of the trip computer can be selected by pushing the switch A briefly. Resetting the average fuel consumption is done by pushing and holding the switch A for less than 3 seconds.

Common Nissan Qashqai problems

The display is updated every 30 seconds. At about the first 0. The Average Speed mode shows the average vehicle speed since the last reset. Resetting is done by pushing and holding the switch B for less than 3 seconds.

The Driving Distance mode shows the distance driven since the last reset. The driving distance can be reset by pushing and holding the switch A for less than 3 seconds.

Faults and Fixes

The Elapsed Time mode shows the time since the last reset. The displayed time can be reset by pushing and holding the switch A for less than 3 seconds. The distance to empty dte mode provides you with an estimation of the distance that can be driven before refueling. The dte is constantly being calculated based on the amount of fuel in the fuel tank and the actual fuel consumption. The dte mode includes a low range warning feature.

If the fuel level is low, the warning is displayed on the screen. The switch A is used to select and set the item. Turn the A switch to select or adjust and push to set. With Outside Temp set to OFF, — The outside temperature display remains on steady at all outside temperatures and does not flash.

Off button To change the display brightness, press the OFF button. Pressing the button again will change the display to the day or the night display. The brightness can then be adjusted using the NI Tachometer The tachometer indicates engine speed in revolutions per minute RPM. Do not rev the engine into the red zone 1. When engine speed approaches the red zone, shift to a higher gear or red Front manual seat adjustment Forward and backward Pull the center of the bar up and hold it while you slide the seat forward or backward to the desired position.

Release the bar to lock the seat in position.New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. On starting the car earlier this week, I was surprised not to hear the radio and the display screen was also blank?

After 5 minutes the radio came on and the display showed the station as normal but this only lasted a few more minutes.

2019 Rouge Sport Blank Screen Fix / How to reset Nissan Connect

Since then I have without Satnav, audio, telephone and mp3 options!! However on two occasions since that the first fault and present day the display has illuminated itself with an error message stating Serial numbers and a date of Unfortunately I am never in the car that long to wait it out and see what happens? Vehicle spec: Qashqai Tekna 1. First of all I would take it apart and check the cabling on the back of it.

Might be a loose connection somewhere.

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Maybe the power's cutting out when the cable gets loose and then it's locking the system as if you've disconnected the battery? Thanks for that, maybe it's got something to do with the high ambient temps were having? To get the unit out looks a bit complicated, is the a "methods" manual available and do you have to remove the complete dashboard??

Yeah, definitely do a factory reset first, that's much easier and a good starting point. Make sure you have the code for it if you're factory resetting I tink you need it.

And yes, the central dash has to come out if you are going to remove it to check the cables. Connect System. Removable Towbar. I have removed the centre fascia trim and removed and reconnected wiring terminals.Skip to content. Quick links.

nissan qashqai display not working

This warning appears for no apparent reason on the dash every few days and then will not be evident for a few more days. Now when this failure warning appears I also have the parking warning sensors alerting me that I'm too near the vehicle in front, rear and sides, but no vehicle is near me.

Also, when standing at traffic lights, just as I pull away the parking sensors come on for a few seconds then go off.

Could it be an ingress of water in the sensors? I suppose that there are a few of you out there that have experienced this problem so are there any thoughts on this. I have booked it in with dealer for Thursday 26th Nov which seems to be the only date available that the technical bloke can have a look at it. As far as the camera system warnings go, I was told this problem was sorted when an update was done on the car last yearbut surprise surprise the annoying alarm still comes on for no reason at all when I move off and no vehicles or objects anywhere near mechange up in to 2nd gear and the alarm goes straight off.

Can't spend anymore time going to the dealer when they can't sort this problemso going to have to live with it I guess. Oh by the way I have also had a new engine fitted due to oil loss after only miles. Frustrating to say the least. Might be worth checking the voltage after it has been sat for a few days or is hesitant to start.

It was with my main dealer for 3 days in January - Nissan sent them various patches to try to fix and I collected it thinking all was well. Two days later the problem recurred and it's going back to the dealer next week.

It's very annoying, car is relatively new, still under warranty, but essentially defective - since I got it back in January Bluetooth has not worked either but I'm hopeful that a fix is achievable. Also the fault happens even when you have turned it off!!

It was one of my main wishes. I've ridden in MercsAudi and they had stop starts that worked even after a few miles from cold. I presume the battery was of a more 'robust' type. As far as I'm aware there was no 'advice' that the Qashqai had these limitations. If so I wouldn't have got it. Surely there should be options to have a more beefy battery.

Ian Dee 1. It apparently got stuck up under the pedals and caused the stop start failure. Please note my dealer has said this is extremely common fault and the first thing they have to do is charge the battery for 12 hours. Then and only then can they connect the car to the consult device to check error codes as well as having reports for the battery twelve hours apart.

Anyway the fault codes shown P and P lead them to believe the throttle assembly had a fault.

nissan qashqai display not working

Later they blamed my mat. I'm going to ask the wife what paperwork she got last time and see if error codes are present. If anyone has a similar e penitence or comments please let me know Between the fault showing and our eventual trip to he dealer were about 4 weeks give or take. So battery check only checks current battery status not what it was when the fault occurred. Follow Us. Copyright Not associated with Nissan.Password Forgot Password? Join Us! Engine Light On?

Visit AutoCodes. Screen goes blank and comes back? Is anyone having the same problem? I will post once I find a solution or not I am bringing the car in for service very soon. I too have seen this MANY times over the past month.

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Shortly after delivery of my car, I headed from Arkansas to New Orleans and back. The 7" LCD screen blanked out more times that I care to count. It happened mostly when the navigation was active, but it also occurred multiple times with the XM radio screen displayed.

A few times it was times within about 10 minutes, but mostly about every 25 miles or so. During the blanking, everything kept working as before. The radio did not stop, the nav was being updated and once back on, all was good for the time being.

A second event of concern was a dialog box that showed up and covered most of the navigation screen that said "Please pay attention to traffic. Not available while driving. It could be cleared by pressing the "Map" button, but in a few seconds it would return. I thought a shut down of the car and restart might clear it, but it did not. However, later in the day, it did clear and so far, has not returned.

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Navigation not available while driving? What gives? I made an appointment with the local service department and took it in today.